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Building HUNDREDS OF Vehicles A Year

With a *lifetime warranty



At 911 Rapid Response, our specialty is building Emergency Vehicles. Through exclusive relationships from local automobile dealers (or feel free to bring your own vehicle, used or new), we are able to streamline the vehicle purchasing process. At our 58,000-square-foot facility in Annville, PA and our 10,000- square-foot facility in Conyers,GA we are able to equip your new vehicle with state-of-the-art Lights, Sirens, Camera Systems, Pushbars, Cages, Weapons Mounts, and custom organizers through 911 Just Box.It, Vehicle Graphics through our Mark.It Graphics Division, and many other features... all while your vehicle stays with us!

We truly offer a one-stop shop, and when the vehicle leaves our property, it is ready for service!

(*We do not install custom software such as Mobile for Public Safety, or other Mobile CAD Software...this must be done through your Communications Center or whomever handles such installs)


The Fire Devil was designed  to be a off road vehicle that can get into tight spaces but also carry gear and manpower. Scrap that UTV design where you need a trailer and can only use it a few times a year. This unit can be utilized year round. Operated by drivers who are not comfortable with larger apparatus and even used for general errands. Equipped with Whelen Core, Vengeant Riptide skid tank, hose reel, lift kit, 35' tires and vehicle accessories are just a few things we offer on this unit. The Fire Devil™


Larger Scale Vehicles

Fromt start to finish we can supply you with specialty projects like this collapse urban search and rescue unit 



Need to save money but get a new used truck in your station? We offer re lights, painting, new decals, tool mounting, new configurations of bumpers, compartments and interior cab items. A great way to get your department into a new truck but making it your own. 

Contact us for those special projects. 



Commercial Vehicles

Building hundreds of commercial vehicles a year. Large fleets accounts or a single person needing a plow we have you covered. We are a vendor for 300+ manufactures that allow us to fully equip your vehicle. Tool boxes, fuel tanks, snow plows, salt spreaders, bed covers, side steps, brush guards and more. 

(*We do not install custom software such as Mobile for Public Safety, or other Mobile CAD Software...this must be done through your Communications Center or whomever handles such installs)


All of our installs utilize our own system of wire harnesses called Volt Link, designed for an organized, efficient, and easily understood wiring setup for replacements and repairs. Every install is documented with wire colors locations for easier use of additional equipment later. 



Just a few of our preferred partners include. Whelen, Ignite Warning, Havis, Pro Gard, Getac, Panasonic, Setina, Westin, Ranch Hand, OPS, Roll N Lock, Extang and so much more. 

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Our in-house Graphics Division: Mark.It Graphics, gives you both the install shop and vehicle decals in one convenient location! We offer design, printing, and installation services for you vehicle. With expert process and attention to detail provide a sharp look and enduring finish, including wrap-around single vinyl application and high quality color matching. Other in-house services include Signage, Print, and Embroidery to further spread your department's logos and designs.

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