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Indoor Gun Range


Our 30-yard range is open 6 days a week. Built to facilitate professional range training & examinations, and open to the public!


The range is available for event or department reservations, and walk-in range rentals are available for 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you desire some firearms training, check out our array of packages and their benefits below to find the best solution for you. 


Range closes 30 minutes before the showroom every day


30 Minutes: $12.50
Add 2nd person on lane: + $7.50 ($20.00)


1 Hour: $19.00
Add 2nd person on lane: + $11.00 ($30.00)


Rifle Calibers (.223 and up): + $4.00

  • Ammunition MUST be brass cased, full metal jacket, and .30 cal or smaller!



  • Targets: $1.00

  • Safety Glasses & Ear Muffs/Plugs: $2.00

  • Handguns: $9.99

  • Long guns & Specialty: $19.99

Private Firearms Training Packages

Each course runs approximately 1.5 hours and includes targets, eye/ear protection, ammunition, and firearm rentals.
You may provide your own firearm


1 PERSON: $100.00

2 PEOPLE: $150.00

  • Basics of carrying your firearm

  • Learning firearm dynamics

  • Loading and unloading

  • Proper transporting

  • Firing fundamentals


1 PERSON: $125.00

2 PEOPLE: $200.00

  • Drawing from a holster

  • Magazine exchanges

  • Clearing jams

  • Firearm tactics

  • Weapon drills for increasing speed and distance


1 PERSON: $150.00

2 PEOPLE: $250.00

Entire Course is in the Range.

  • Tactical holstering

  • Using non-dominate hand

  • Firing with magazine exchanges

  • Low and distractive lighting

  • Moving and firing from cover

Range Rules

For the safety of our customers and staff, we require everyone entering our range to review our rules video and to sign in before entering into our Gun Range.

X-Shot Target System

The X-Shot system provides automatic shot detection shown on a touchscreen display. It features safety training, skill-building programs, and electronic scoring.

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