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"The City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire has been working with 911 Rapid Response for over 3 years and have completed approximately 3 installations during that time. 911 Rapid Response quickly became an important partner for the Bureau of Fire as we endeavored to develop a standard approach to outfitting our response vehicles. To do this, we started with a working concept and 911 Rapid Response provided a number of options for us to work with; some standard and some customized to meet our needs. The end result was a major improvement over our previous approach and lead to greater efficiency as well as reducing the time required to on-road new response vehicles. We continue to work closely to consider new ideas and products with the goal to maximize the value of our outfitting package and look forward to an enduring partnership with 911 Rapid Response."

Norman G Auvil | Assistant Chief – OperationsCity of Pittsburgh | Bureau of Fire

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