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How are they evaluated?

Part 1 of the work is checked in any case automatically. When filling out, it is important to follow all the rules related to the execution of such documents. Otherwise, the answer will simply not be counted, and appeals on the first part will not be accepted.

Two experts take part in the verification of the second part. The main thing is to write to the point, in the most legible handwriting. The results may also depend on this. As for the composition, its results are largely determined by the following several criteria:

  • The quality of the examples provided.

  • Connectivity, logical reasoning.

  • The correctness of the provisions of the theoretical part and the explanation of the basic concept.

  • Revealing the meaning of the whole statement.

If the meaning of the statement is not initially disclosed, with a high probability, experts put down zeros on all points.

Preparation Tips

A detailed study of the documentation is the first step from which any preparation begins. The codifier and specifications on the official FIPI website contain detailed information on what the test subjects may encounter.

Experts note such shortcomings in those who cannot achieve sufficiently high results:

  1. Lack of writing experience. When they do not know how to correctly formulate their thoughts, which are then supported by examples.

  2. At the preparation stage, little attention is paid to questions that are given only 1-2 points.

  3. Failure to comply with the requirements of the basic instructions.

Where should you start the process? Preparation is not as difficult as it seems at first:

  • Working on each topic above. Including all the main 5 blocks.

  • Tasks from open access from FIPI are solved in parallel. They are conveniently distributed depending on the thematic areas.

  • Compilation of a short summary with the main concepts. Helps to quickly restore everything in memory immediately before the exam.

  • Practice writing essays.

Special collections have been developed that simplify the preparation process for each of the participants. The necessary information is presented in them in detail, but at the same time - compactly. The official documentation also becomes an indispensable assistant. Specifications, for example, contain a complete list of regulations, the study of which is mandatory for graduates.

Using video tutorials helps to deal with the topics that cause the most problems. Experts offer additional advice on each of the blocks. Many of them relate to essay writing.


The exam in social studies is not much different from the usual tests in other subjects. The main thing is not to think about how complicated the surrender process itself is. The Man and Society section is recommended for those who are just getting started. After answering easy questions, there will be more time for difficult ones. It is better to remove the cribs altogether. They will still be found with a high degree of probability. Because of this, the level of stress increases, which will negatively affect the entire process. It is necessary to devote more time to preparing and maintaining self-confidence, then there will be fewer problems in obtaining maximum points.

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