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Dual Tone Police Siren, Rescue Vehicle Remote Siren with Full Control, Styling, and Technology Dual Tone Police Siren, Rescue Vehicle Remote Siren with Full Control, Styling, and Technology Dual Tone Police Siren, Rescue Vehicle Remote Siren with Full C

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Article number: SC-411RD
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The SC-411RD-10 14 Elite Force dual tone siren is one in a series of sirens developed for smaller spaces with the same options as a full console unit. This new remote siren introduces the new QuickClone™ duplication technology making it easy to transfer option settings from one unit to another without the need for an external computer, ideal for fleet installations. The splash resistant rubberized control head face offers programmable siren tones, light and arrow stick controls and our patented video trigger capability. QuickClone™ setting duplication technology Splash resistant rubberized face with built-in push button switches and liquid repelling actuator flanges Programmable lever switch for progressive, non-progressive, or partially progressive control. Field replaceable. Program auxiliary switches to activate with the lever/slide switch 6 Programmable auxiliary switches for on/off, Video Trigger with on/off, momentary and 10 or 20 second timed momentary (gun lock) PA override with removable noise-canceling microphone and face mounted volume control knob Patented Video Trigger automatically initiates a video camera system to record when programmed switches are activated Green LED backlit for nighttime visibility, auxiliary switches turn red when activated Horn Ring Cycler 2 (HRC2) for hands free siren control when rotary is on Cycle position for pursuit and rescue situations Timed Override changes siren tone for 10 seconds Sweep & Intersection modes automatically sequence through Yelp, Phaser, and Air Horn at different rates Automatic Siren Cutout disables the siren tone when exiting the vehicle Exposed fuses on the top side of the amplifier to protect each output User adjustable back lighting for personal preference Dual Tone, 200 watts Dedicated Arrow Stick Control w/directional indicator Control Head: 2-5/8″ H x 6-1/8″ W x 1-1/4″ D Amplifier: 8-5/8″ H x 8-1/4″ W x 2-1/8″ D No-hassle 5-year limited warranty

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